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Registration of property through POA payment to whom

Question: Registration of property through POA. Son has given POA to father for selling the property as he left abroad after registering the POA. POA registered in India. The payment is to be made to whom the POA or the real owner. If payment is made to the POA holder then how to ascertain that the real owner has got the consideration amount?


Power of attorney is a legal document giving a person the power to do some act on behalf of another person. You can sell this property and receive consideration if your son has given you such power. You as an agent has such power and when you receive the consideration it shall deem that the owner has received it.

Your son is living in a foreign country so he will not present to complete the sale of that property. Therefore, he executed a power of attorney and empowers you to sell it on his behalf. When the maker of POA has given you the right then not necessary to take consent of your son for selling of the property.

According to the facts of your case, you will receive the payment on behalf of your son because he has given you such a right. You should do the registration of property through POA.

Shivendra Pratap Singh


High Court Lucknow