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Application under section 482 crpc cannot be converted into criminal revision

Sir, during the trial I moved an application under Section 319 of crpc which is allowed by the trial court and summoned Mr X as an accused. After more than two years Mr. X moved 482 application in the high court for quashing the order passed under section 319 crpc. That application is allowed by the high court and proceedings against Mr X have been dropped by the trial court. In the trial some evidence surfaced that Mr X is also involved in the crime. Then I moved that application. In this situation I have no other remedy to arrey mr x in the crime.

Importance of mental state in the criminal law

In the context of criminal law in India, the mental state of an accused person is of paramount importance as it helps determine the nature and extent of criminal liability. The Indian Penal Code (IPC) and various judicial interpretations have established several...

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