Application under section 482 crpc cannot be converted into criminal revision

Sir, during the trial I moved an application under Section 319 of crpc which is allowed by the trial court and summoned Mr X as an accused. After more than two years Mr. X moved 482 application in the high court for quashing the order passed under section 319 crpc. That application is allowed by the high court and proceedings against Mr X have been dropped by the trial court. In the trial some evidence surfaced that Mr X is also involved in the crime. Then I moved that application. In this situation I have no other remedy to arrey mr x in the crime.

Importance of mental state in the criminal law

In the context of criminal law in India, the mental state of an accused person is of paramount importance as it helps determine the nature and extent of criminal liability. The Indian Penal Code (IPC) and various judicial interpretations have established several...

Fundamental Concepts of Criminal Law in India

Criminal law in India is a complex and evolving field, rooted in principles designed to maintain social order, protect individual rights, and ensure justice. Understanding the fundamental concepts of criminal law in India is essential for legal professionals,...

Understanding Criminal Culpability: A Comprehensive Overview

Criminal culpability is a fundamental concept in the field of criminal law, determining whether an individual can be held legally responsible for a crime. It involves assessing the mental state and intent of the accused at the time of the alleged offense....

Criminal case abates after death of the accused

My father started a business in the name of XXX he was the proprietor and was doing well. He borrowed money from a money lender but failed to repay within time. Somehow he managed to repay that loan but the money lender charged a high interest rate upon the loan. The money lender lodged a FIR against me, my father and the proprietary firm. After investigation, a charge sheet is filed and trial begins for the offence of cheating. When my father took that loan I was too young and not engaged in the business with my father. My father died in 2024 and an FIR was lodged in 2022. He borrowed money in 2011. I joined my father’s business in 2018. I tried to compromise with the money lender but he is admanet to charge 36% interest on the borrowed money which I am unable to pay. What should I do in this situation?

Husband strangled his wife and killed

My father has been convicted for the offence of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. There were some quarrel between my father and mother over the issue of the marriage ceremony of my aunt (bua). My father wanted to extend financial help to my grandfather for the wedding ceremony of my bua. But my mother was against that financial help because she had very estranged relations with my grandfather and mother. The incident occurred in our house and in the presence of my family members. All witnesses are family members and neighbours. Ultimately my father has been sentenced under section 302 IPC for the offence of murder and sentenced for life imprisonment. He is innocent and committed that offence by mistake. Please help.

Trial court convicted the accused with lesser sentence

We were going to Mirzapur from Lucknow by road. On the way to our destination we stopped near XX for dinner. On a very petty issue some dispute arose between us and the accused persons. They hurled abuses and threatened to kill. When the dispute became heated some other person intervened and separated us. They stopped abusing but one of them came with a club and attacked us. Then all the accused persons started beating us. Somehow I managed to escape from the spot but my friend (deceased) was caught by the accused persons. They took the deceased in their car. After a few hours, the dead body of my friend was found in a nala. Deceased sustained several injuries on his head, neck, chest, face, lower abdomen, back and legs. Post mortem was done and cause of death was antemortem injuries and homicide. FIR was lodged and charge sheet was filed in 302, 307, 201, 34 IPC. The trial court convicted the accused under Section 304 IPC and sentenced him for three years. It is miscarriage of justice. Please suggest what to do?

Individual land

In the Indian legal system, individual land ownership is a fundamental aspect of property rights and is governed by a framework of laws and regulations designed to protect and enforce these rights. Here’s a detailed explanation of the key components: Ownership...

Difference between khasra and khatauni

In Uttar Pradesh, “Khasra” and “Khatauni” are two distinct terms used in land records management, each serving different purposes: Khasra: Khasra is a document that provides specific details about individual land parcels within a village or...