Fabrication in revenue record by revenue officers


Our land records are fabricated by the revenue officers for providing illegal relief to some persons who have more than 18 acre of lands. When I examined my revenue record on taluka by giving application for duplicate record of my lands, that officer was trying to delay my application.

He said that there is no such records but after pursuation of this matter he shown my revenue records. My all the records are now replaced by some other persons. Records show that I have grant sub lease to them for uncertain period of time.

When I shared this fact to my neighbors they are also examined their revenue record and they found that there is Fabrication in revenue record by revenue officers. Now we want to initiate legal proceeding against them. What legal step should be taken by us?

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Under section 147 and 148 of the Land revenue code of Maharashtra revenue officers are bound to maintain all the revenue records truly and correctly. Those sections mandate legal obligation upon him and breach of this act is punishable under section 348 of said act.

If revenue records show that land is on sublet to those persons then you should take duplicate copies of Land account from the lekhpal. Because lekhpal is bound to present local survey of the land and without his survey no alteration can be possible in land revenue records.

When there is any transfer of title or right in respect of agriculture land collector is bound, under section 296 of the land revenue act, to keep all that records. It is clear case of conspiracy by those persons got alteration in revenue record for their benefits and the revenue officers.

Fabrication cannot be taken place without collusion with revenue officers. You should file FIR under section 466/468/471/477- A/120-B/109 IPC and also present an application before anti corruption bureau.

Fabrication of public document is an offence punishable under section 466/468/471/477-A IPC and there is conspiracy with revenue officers so it is punishable under section 120-B. Officers committed abatement of offence which is punishable under section 109 IPC. If police officer refuses to write FIR you should approach to the court under section 156(3) crpc.

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